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Mobile computers are completely independent computers that integrate all the necessary peripherals and interfaces needed to collect, manage and store the data collected through barcodes.

A mobile computer integrates, in a small form factor, all the necessary components of a computer, having a display, a Wi-Fi system, an operating system (Windows® or Android™), a keyboard (virtual or physical), a battery and a scanning scanner. In addition to these features, every Datalogic mobile computer features a rugged housing capable of withstanding drops from various heights and working in harsh situations. The robust housing allows the devices to work in a variety of conditions and is resistant to shocks, direct water jets or very dusty environments.

Mobile devices are a daily companion in activities such as inventory, price verification, pick-up and drop-off, assisted sales, delivery, quality control, etc. With Datalogic’s versatile portfolio of mobile computers, customers can get solutions for their barcode reading needs. From printed 1D and 2D barcodes, to direct part marking (DPM), to Digimarc© packaging, Datalogic offers a solution for almost any barcode reading application.
Mobile computing helps businesses improve the efficiency and reliability of all their tracking activities in every area of ​​the company. In retail companies, they can be used in the store for activities such as price checking, inventory or sales support.

For T&L companies, they play a crucial role as every worker’s business companion. From the distribution points where goods are unloaded, through the warehouse and other parts of the facilities, to the point of delivery, operators use mobile computers for every part of the process.

In the manufacturing segment, they allow workers to track all assets used for assembly or construction and to check goods and inventory in the warehouse.

In the healthcare segment, mobile computers are becoming a reliable work companion for nurses and other hospital operators. Once a patient’s barcode is read, hospital staff can see all the information related to that patient.


With a minimal footprint and a lightweight feel, the new CODiScan enables a comfortable and non-intrusive hands-free solution that allows workers to be faster improving the quality of their work.

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With an up-to-date operating system and enhanced processing capabilities, this family of devices deliver superior scanning performance and all-around efficiency.

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Datalogic’s Memor K mobile computer is the perfect pocketable business companion for any data capture application, from assisted sales to the shop floor, or back-end receiving to the warehouse.

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The powerful next generation of Datalogic Skorpio family that stands out in any data collection application from distribution centers to retail stores.

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MEMOR 30-35 Family

Elevating performance, redefining value.

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