Laser Marking

Laser marking is the preferred solution for reliable tracking applications in modern industrial environments where permanent, indelible, reliable marking results are a must.

Industrial lasers can be easily integrated into new or existing tracking infrastructures. They can interface with your manufacturing execution system (MES) or ERP platforms, enabling more flexible, cheaper and faster production. If your production needs flexibility, Datalogic lasers will take you to the next level.

Thanks to a broad and comprehensive product portfolio of laser marking solutions, Datalogic can offer a solution for virtually any direct part marking (DPM) application on a wide variety of materials, including metals, resin, thermoplastics, silicon, glass and ceramics. Datalogic also offers solutions for marking organic materials such as wood, cardboard, leather and products. Depending on the marking materials there is a wide range of laser marking technologies to use: Fiber, DPSS, CO2, UV, Green and many more. The laser source makes a big difference in marking quality depending on the material being marked and Datalogic can provide all the necessary advice and solutions in this regard.


The AREX400 is the new generation of high performance Laser Markers based on Fiber Laser technology developed to achieve the highest reliability even in harsh manufacturing environments.

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DS EOX Series

Direct Part Marking (DPM) is a process that allows users to imprint a bar code directly on an item instead of printing the code on a paper label.

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LIGHTER Suite joins advanced editing features with laser setup, laser controls and diagnostic for complete, flexible and ease of use laser marking system control.

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ULYXE Family

The Ulyxe product line provides ideal laser marking solutions for both stand-alone applications and industrial production lines.

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UniQ™ marker is a revolutionary and innovative approach to Fiber Laser Marking.

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VLASE Series is a Solid State, Laser Marking product Family dedicated to General Manufacturing, Electronics, Automotive and Aerospace industry.

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Lighter Suite is the all-inclusive editing and laser management software for all Datalogic Laser
Marking products.

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